Thursday, June 7, 2012

Soda Stream Diet Flavor Hack

I bought a Soda Stream to try to save money in the long run. I really like it. It is nice to have soda always on hand. But I was finding that buying the flavorings really added up. Although it is still cheaper than brand name soda, I figured out that it didn't cost much less than if I would have bought generic soda that was already made.

I decided to try to figure out a way to make my own diet flavoring by using Crystal Light (and generic version found at WalMart).

I tried to put the powder directly into the soda, but it didn't work well because it was too fizzy and it foamed up. So then I tried to make a concentrated version of the Crystal Light, so I could slowly add it to the soda. And it works great, for a lot less money.

A bottle of Soda Stream flavorings where I live is about $5-$6 a bottle.

A box of Crystal Light was less than $3.

Here is how I did it...

You need:

-16 oz shaker bottle (you could use an old soda stream bottle, but don't put it in dishwasher, like I did because it warped)
-flavor of Crystal Light of your choice (I used Appletini flavor...tastes kind of  like green apple Jolly Rancher)
- 4 oz of water for each packet of Crystal Light that you want to use.

I put in 4 packets of the crystal light to 16 oz of water...Soda Stream flavoring...easy peasy!

I used the cap from the empty Soda Stream bottle to measure the flavoring to put in the liter bottle of soda (very SLOWLY and over the sink, just in case it fizzes over) that I made with my Soda Stream machine.

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